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What You Need to Know About a Limousine Service

A limousine service is just like a taxi service where you are provided with a vehicle and a driver; however, it is a luxury service, in which you get a limo as well as chauffeur, and many great features. The limo is usually rented by the hour, but the final cost varies according to the type of service, limo, fuel charges, as well as the extras requested by the client. This service is the safest to transport students or teenagers to travel to and from a party, wedding, any special event like a prom. Most of the limousine incorporates features like tinted windows, televisions, and Multimedia players.

Limousine Service

Cost of a Limo Service
The cost of a limo service can change drastically from one place to another. Which type of limo features you desire, how many hours you wish to rent the limo, capacity, distance travel, and a few more things can change the final price. Apart from this, a tip of at least 15% is mandatory in a few regions; even if the driver does not expect a tip, it will be added to your bill. However, as said above, these rules differs according to region.

What is the Use of a Limousine Service
A limo service can have a lot of reasons; however, they are usually used for only two purposes. One is safe transportation of folks who are under the influence of liquor, and the second is stylist transportation for important occasions and events. These days, it is common practice for teenagers as well as younger adults to rent a limo for parties, especially for their prom. It is the best transportation service and much safer for your kids than other modes of transportation. If you are a parent who is concerned, and who don’t want their kids to smoke as well as drink, then this facility can also be provided by a limo company. The driver won’t allow drinking as well as smoking in the vehicle, as per the request of their parents.

Why to Use a Limo Service
For sporting events, wedding parties, and other important events, people prefer to use a limo service, as it is a symbol of arriving and departing in style and comfort. One can arrange a limo for the bride and groom as well; they can watch all the well wishes by closed ones on the limo’s television. This service is also commonly used for funerals. Most of the people hire a fleet of black limos to follow the hearse. Basically, one can use a limo service for a lot of reasons, and its uses are infinite. Many folks rent a limo to simply enjoy the city only.