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Shocking Revelation of Tucson Az Air Conditioning

October 7, 2017 • admin

Forever they Tucson Az Air Conditioning do have a lifetime this one is hours of the time now that means that % of percent of the time they don’t make it the , so maybe you got one that didn’t make it to , maybe you got one that went way past it but regardless they do have a lifetime.

To them next let’s test the the the actual capacitor using the meter so we’ll get the meter over here but it leads into it let’s put it on all right let’s select thirds Fair arts and we’re going to put the ground in there you look at next letters it tells you where to put the leads on incredibly nice meter for $. okay so there we got the leads in there.

And the way you test this is you look and you see that again I showed you earlier that there’s markings on it well this is C and this is germ and this is fan okay so you go you put their on the C which is so a comment on the meter is the black lead or what it says here column and so we’re going to put that on the lead here make sure I’m on C yes.

I am and then we’re going to put the other lead onto one of the other two capacitors okay so let’s put it on the germ first and see what we get we don’t get anything that state didn’t even change state really now with capacitors you need to leave the leads on for you know seconds for them to actually come up with it with an actual reading but this is not moving at all it should be moving as we’re doing that so we know that the firm side the micro farad side is sorry yeah micro farad side is dead let’s try the fan side again leave it on for about seconds or so see if you.

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